Time to get moving!

In our increasingly digitised world, we spend more and more hours in front of a screen...
Author GoBubble

In our increasingly digitised world, we spend more and more hours in front of a screen each year. This trend has definitely accelerated during the pandemic, with people working remotely, and for children with schools closed.

In fact, according to Qustodio, a company that tracks usage on tens of thousands of devices used by children globally, the amount of time children spend in front of a screen doubled last May during the first lockdown compared with the same period the year before. 

With children spending more time in front of screens, it also means they are getting less exercise. The NHS suggest children and young people should aim for an average of at least 60 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a day across the week and reduce the time spent sitting or lying down.

Without enough physical activity, children are also losing out on the many health benefits that go along with it, including:

  • increasing concentration
  • lowering stress
  • improving academic scores
  • building a stronger heart, bones and healthier muscles
  • encouraging healthy growth and development

Parents are struggling as well with the same challenge of too much screen time leading to a more sedentary lifestyle and research has shown that children learn from and are influenced by people around them, such as their parent, teacher and friends at school. 

At GoBubble, we recognise the importance of encouraging kids to be physically active. In our safer, healthier and kinder digital playground for schools, children will find an array of activities to get them moving. For example, every Tuesday (which our GoBubblers know as Tune Tuesday), we’re honoured to be joined by global celebrity Emma Pittman, soon to be star of Broadway’s Chicago, who shares weekly dance lesson videos that the kids can perform to. These have proved so popular with kids of all ages and teachers have said even those who are reluctant to engage with other exercise and dance programmes love Emma’s Tune Tuesday films - getting even the most reluctant dancer engaged and happy! There are also football training videos from the world renowned Mo Ali and other challenges for activity offline. 

Finally, it is healthy to have some time completely away from the screen and we give teachers and parents the ability to set the access times that children can use GoBubble (in fact some parents have said their children’s overall screen time has decreased since using GoBubble).

If your school is not on GoBubble yet, we encourage you to register today and get your students moving. Registration is free and only takes a minute… giving you more time to stretch your legs and get some exercise to the Tune Tuesday tracks.