Creating a safer mobile network in Vietnam

Author GoBubble

MOBICAST, the first Digital MVNO with brandname Reddi in Vietnam is making the internet a safer place for all children with a long-term commitment to work with UK Safety Tech pioneer GoBubble.

The two organisations who signed a five-year agreement to bring the entire ecosystem of GoBubble services to be available to all 26 million children in Vietnam, underlines Mobicast’s passion to care for the digital health of their community and their strategy to build an ecosystem for all the children.

Mobicast CEO Mr Tran Nam Trung said: “The innovative solutions GoBubble has created made them the first choice in partnering to keep all our children safe. As an ethical leader in digital wellbeing for young people, we care about both of the benefits and the safety of all users.

“We were so impressed by GoBubble’s safety tech solutions and how they have solved the major problems being faced by the world’s digital products - especially in ensuring the content children see and create is appropriate, through their innovative solution GoBubbleWrap.

“Their customer care matches our own in wanting to always deliver the best solution for our shared communities.”

GoBubble is a multi-award winning UK safety tech leader, who specialise in making the internet safer for children. Through the agreement, all three of their solutions will aim to benefit the 26 million children in Vietnam including:

  • GoBubbleSchool (a safer social media for schools, which helps them to connect and collaborate)
  • GoBubbleKids (a fun kids messenger app where only children can access thanks to using age verification technology from UK partner Yoti), and
  • GoBubbleWrap (their child-centred content checking software powered by machine learning, helps to protect communities of children in 70 countries). GoBubbleWrap has clients in esports and edtech with developers who care about creating safer positive communities for younger users. 

Mobicast is a pioneer developing digital ecosystems for young people in Vietnam. After launching a mobile virtual network brand name Reddi, they is also the first company invested into education digital ecosystem, branded  as Vinaschools, to support all public and private schools. Mobicast place great focus on creating a safe environment for their safer and healthier community.

Henry Platten, CEO of GoBubble said: “As a former police sergeant I care greatly about making the internet safer for children. The dedication of the entire Mobicast team in working together to bring our joint ecosystem to benefit the lives of so many children across Vietnam is inspiring. It's a great honour to support innovative client-focused organisations such as Mobicast who want to make the World better for all children everywhere.”

Graham Stuart MP, Minister for Exports, said: ‘“I’m so proud of the UK’s safety tech companies who, like GoBubble, make the world safer for users. This excellent news is testimony to the quality of GoBubble's technologies built on innovation and a passionate commitment to children’s safety. With a 25% global market share, British safety tech firms are leading the way in making the internet a less dangerous place for everyone.    

“By opening up global markets through our trade deals, informing UK businesses through our network of advisors across the country and online, and by harnessing foreign based staff in 119 countries, the Government is able to support UK exporters and deliver solutions abroad and prosperity at home.” 

Mr Le Thong Nhat, Founder and CEO of Vinaschool, a leading figure in Vietnamese education (being the founder of Violympic math, IoE English, and Bigschool), said: “The primary concern for us in creating a safe and healthy environment for students and GoBubble helps us to achieve this honourable goal.”